I am Valentina Morandi, Assistant Professor in Operations Research at the University of Brescia and my research interests are transport optimization, modelling fairness and sharing economy issues and, recently, Covid measures enforcing modelling. By the age of 14, I knew that applied mathematics was my passion.

Born and raised in north of Italy. I successfully finished my PhD in Analytics for Economics and Business (Operation Research)  in 2017 jointly at University of Bergamo and University of Brescia.

I served 18 months as Post-Doc researcher at the University of Brescia (Economics and Management faculty). In 2018, I started my appointment as Assistant Professor in the Science and Technoloy faculty at the Free University of Bolzano.

I specialized in modelling the vehicular traffic on highly congested road network, modelling fairness issues in transportation (also the public one) and sharing economy policies. My research interests are in general related to the different shades of optimization .

I don’t restrict myself to optimization. The blend of optimization and humang beings behaviour (road traffic behaviour, economic behaviour and general behaviour) is, in general, the goal of my research in general with the aim to guarantee more fairness among actors.

Through Operations Research insights, I can help to optimize industrial processes, develop algorithms for public and private transportation and, in general, find the best combination of activities in your business to reach your goal.

On a personal level: I’m a passionate developer, reader and knitter and love to work on side-projects which enhance the visibility of young people and minorities in Science.